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If your organization does obesity prevention work with ECE programs in Florida, you may be eligible to be a technical assistance provider. TA providers will be given the resources and training to better help the ECE programs they serve implement best practices related to obesity prevention and apply for recognition. For more information, reach out to us directly using the contact form above or email us directly at [email protected].

Florida’s HEROs ECE Recognition Program Stakeholder Committee is a group of different partners committed to obesity prevention in ECE settings. The goal of the stakeholder committee is to guide the development and expansion of the statewide ECE recognition program, in order to promote a healthy weight among children ages 0-5 in Florida. In addition, they steer our efforts to integrate childhood obesity prevention best practices and supports into Florida’s ECE-system. The foundation for the stakeholder committees’ success is strong partnerships among diverse state stakeholders. We are always looking to build new relationships with organizations doing work across Florida’s ECE system related to any of the best practice areas. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].